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        Morooka was first established as Morooka Industry Ltd in 1966, before changing it to the current name Morooka Co., Ltd. in 1971. They started building bulldozers, off-road carriers and hydraulic trenchers in mid 1975, and currently manufacture Crawler Carriers, Forwarders, Crushers, Screens, Forklifts and Shovel Loaders. HeavyQuip is well known as a leader in Aftermarket Morooka Parts Online.

        Morooka is a leader in innovation when it comes to Rubber Tracks and Hydrostatic Transmissions (HST Systems). Their Rubber Tracks, which were developed in conjunction with Bridgestone, generate less ground pressure and are capable of manuvuring easily on soft, sandy and rough terrain. Morooka's Crawler Carriers are utilized accross the Globe and can be equipped with various modifications, including Cranes, Drilling Equipment, Cement Mixers, Water Tanks, Scissor Lifts and more. From transporting materials, to land development

Below are some Morooka Crawler Carrier Examples:

MST-300VD  MST-600VD  MST-700VD  MST-1500VD  MST-2200VDR  MST-3000VD
  • MST-300VD
  •   MST-300VDR
  •   MST-600VD
  •   MST-700VD
  •   MST-800VD
  •   MST-1500VD
  •   MST-2200VD
  •   MST-2200VDR
  •   MST-3000VD

Rubber Tracks for Morooka Crawler Carriers

        If you're shopping for some New Aftermarket OEM Replacement Rubber Tracks for your Morooka Crawler Carrier, then you've come to the right place. We offer the finest Rubber Tracks that are designed for your specific model, superior in strength, and designed to Maximize Performance. Getting these high quality Rubber Tracks can last longer, which can also help you save money.

Below are some Morooka Forwarder (Forestry) Examples:

MST-300VDL  MST-600VDL  MST-650VDL  MST-800VDL  MST-2200VD
  • MST-300VDL
  •   MST-600VDL
  •   MST-650VDL
  •   MST-800VDL
  •   MST-1500VDL
  •   MST-2200VD

Aftermarket Morooka Replacement Parts

        HeavyQuip stocks only high quality Aftermarket Replacement Parts, which are a far better choice than relying on used salvage parts. They are typically 40 percent cheaper than OEM parts and unlike salvage parts, they are brand new. The only difference is that they are made by a third-party manufacturer. All of the same specifications and requirements must still be followed and the installation and performance must be perfectly matched to their factory-made counterparts.

        If you would like to shop with us in person, we invite you to visit one of our locations in the United States. We have distribution centers in Little Rock Arkansas, Dallas & Houston in Texas, Knoxville & Memphis in Tennessee, Kansas City, Kansas and Jackson Mississippi. We also have on-site repair shops to help customers who need assistance with installation or mechanical failures.

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