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Engine Parts & Levels

        Diesel engine parts for Caterpillar®, Bobcat® and Volvo® construction machinery must be regularly inspected and repaired in order to ensure they perform for the lives of the machines. If Level I parts are properly replaced before they wear out, nearly 80 percent of major diesel engine catastrophes can be averted. If small, replaceable parts are not are replaced when they wear out, larger and more important components will suffer damage and eventually fail. This is true for many machines, including excavators, tractors and forklifts.

Powertrain Level I Parts

Replace Diesel Engine Parts for Lifelong Performance

Engine Turbo Charger

        In order to ensure long lives for your heavy construction machinery and other equipment, it is imperative that you regularly inspect and repair your diesel engine parts. Many companies actually rank its diesel engine parts in order of importance in order to create a hierarchy of replacement. Level I parts like piston rings and valve guides should be inspected all the time for cracks or leaks. If they are replaced immediately, Level II parts won't suffer as much from wear and tear. If Level I parts are properly replaced before they wear out, nearly 80 percent of major diesel engine catastrophes can be averted.

        Level II parts are items like camshafts and liners. These can be reused if properly cared for over time. Cylinder heads, blocks and crankshafts are the most important components and are classified as Level III equipment. They are hugely expensive to replace, given their integral roles in the engine's performance. However, they are made to survive through the life of the machine given proper care. In our store at HeavyQuip, you'll find construction machinery (excavators, loaders, dozers) parts and professional replacement equipment for all brands.

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heavyquip is a distributors of only the highest quality parts and components for most engine makes like Caterpillar®, Komatsu®, Case®, john Deere®, cummins®, perkins®, ihc®, detroit®, duetz®, ford®, international®, mack®, nissan®, GM®, volvo®
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Components & Parts

Powertrain & Engine Parts

Heavy Equipment Axle Shafts

        Axle drive shafts are an important part of drivable construction equipment. Without the axle drive shafts, it wouldn't be possible to control the machine at all. Fortunately, axle drive shafts are some of the sturdiest parts of today's construction machinery. You can reasonably expect yours to last for years, in most cases. However, the time may come when it needs to be repaired. When that time comes, you want a source for parts you can count on.

Powertrain Clutch

        Transmission parts, final drives and axle shafts are all steering mechanisms commonly found on heavy equipment. Depending on the make and model of your machine, you may need a certain type of aftermarket part to fix these things. At HeavyQuip, the company carries aftermarket parts for most types of equipment, including John Deere®, Bobcat®, Komatsu®, Caterpillar® and more. No matter what part on your machinery needs to be fixed, chances are HeavyQuip has exactly what you need. If it's not in stock, our professionals can get it. Even hard-to-find items are no problem. We have a reliable network of dealers who can help find you even the rarest of parts.

        Don't wait another day to order new parts for your axle shafts when they need repairing. A day with your machinery down is a day wasted. Instead, call HeavyQuip or Click the Quote button to get the parts you need right away so you can get back to work.

Powertrain Assorted Parts


HeavyQuip replacement Engine and Drivetrain parts are an excellent way to save money without sacrificing dependability. We offers a wide range of top-quality parts, as well as numerous options for Reman components.
  • fuel, oil and water pumps
  • turbochargers
  • governors
  • cases and housings
  • transmissions
  • transmission pumps
  • hydraulic controls
  • torque converters
  • oil coolers
  • drive shafts and u-joints
  • planetarys
  • gears
  • stators
  • filter and cartridges
  • friction disc and plates
  • carriers
  • differentials
  • transfer gear groups
  • drive axles
  • final drives
  • radiators
  • steering clutches
  • brake calipers and disc
  • gasket and seal kits
  • valves, springs and
  • wheels and rims
  • pulleys and balancers
  • starters and alternators
  • brake pads and linings

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