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Bucket Teeth & Adapters

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Bucket Teeth Adapters, Cutting Edges, Ripper Shanks...

Caterpillar, Komatsu, ESCO, Bobcat, Kubota, Case, New Holland...

        Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are heavy equipment attachments which allow machines to dig, drill or rip into the ground with ease. HeavyQuip sells GET Attachments for most major brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, ESCO, New Holland, Bobcat, Kubota and more. We supply various types of Bucket Teeth Adapters, Reversible Bolt-on Cutting Edges, Ripper Shanks, Corner Adapters & more. Cutters, blades, adapters, and metal teeth can all be added to a machine to help it do its earth-moving functions better, faster and in larger volumes.

GET parts for a Dozer
  • reversible bolt-on cutting edges
  • level cut end bits
  • hot cupped end bits
  • weldable moldboards
  • hardware
Ground Engaging Tools for Dozers

  • reversible bolt on cutting edges
  • half-arrow edges
  • Heal plates
  • weldable base edges
  • hardware
Loader GET Parts
Loader Parts

GET Parts & Teeth
  • Teeth
  • Bolt-on & weld-on Adapters
  • Corner adapters
  • segmented edges
  • Heal plates
  • weldable base edges
  • hardware
Ripper Shanks, Scarifier Shanks and More

Ripper & Scarifier for Cat, Komatsu, esco, galion & More...
  • Ripper Shanks
  • Scarifier shanks
  • teeth
  • Protectors
  • Shank Mounting pins
  • weldable Repair nose
GET Parts for Rippers
GET Ripper Parts

GET Parts for Excavators
  • Teeth
  • weld-on Adapters
  • weldable base edges
  • Corner adapters
  • Side Cutters
  • wear shrouds
  • weldable wear bars
  • hardware
Excavator GET Parts

        Farming uses these tools to till the land and prepare it for planting, as well as for baling hay. Mining companies use these them to bore into the earth to discover mineral and gem deposits. Construction companies may use heavy equipment with ground-engaging tool attachments to dig out basements and foundations for buildings.

  • reversible bolt on cutting edges
  • half-arrow edges
  • Heal plates
  • weldable base edges
  • hardware
Grader GET Parts
GET Parts for Graders

GET Parts for Compactors
  • soil Caps
  • pedelstools
  • cleaner bars & teeth
  • Hardware
  • landfill compaction cleats
Compactor GET Parts

  • reversible bolt of cutting edges
  • stinger edges
  • router bits
  • teeth & adapters
  • replacement moldboards & router inserts
  • elevator chains, flights, sprockets & idlers
Teeth & Adapters for Scraper

Futura Teeth
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Ground-Engaging Tools

        At HeavyQuip, you can call to find all types of industrial heavy equipment items for Bulldozers, tractors and forklifts from just about every Manufacturer. In fact, heavy industrial equipment has always been the company's specialty. The business started out way back in 1953 as a family-owned retailer with just a single store. Over the decades, we continued to gradually build on that success and expanded to offer a full range of the highest quality products for all types of construction machinery, and designed it to fit your budget. We have a reputation for our fast order shipping & processing as well as a highly knowledgeable team of long-term customer service representatives. Let our experts use their proven expertise to help you find the perfect part. Simply tell them the make & model of the machine and what you're looking for, and they can assist you in finding the right items to purchase. You can call toll free at (877) 871 - 8787.

        If you would like to shop with us in person, we invite you to visit one of our locations in the United States. We have distribution centers in Little Rock Arkansas, Dallas & Houston in Texas, Knoxville & Memphis in Tennessee, Kansas City, Kansas and Jackson Mississippi. We also have on-site repair shops to help customers who need assistance with installation or mechanical failures.

*All manufacturers' names, symbols & descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.

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