Heavy Equipment Excavator Teeth

Excavator teeth are one of the most important parts of ground-engaging tools. The excavator teeth on this type of construction equipment allows it to really dig deeply into the ground, to pull up the vast amounts of earth most machines of this type are required to move. Without the excavator teeth, equipment would have no digging mechanism and would be useless to the construction industry.

It's vital that excavator teeth are strong; reinforced steel is usually the best option when manufacturing this type of equipment part. The ground can often be hard and digging tools come into contact with rocks, stones, tree branches and all kinds of other things that can break excavator teeth if they are too weak. Several manufacturing companies out there produce exceptionally strong parts for ground engaging tools, such as Esco®, John Deere®, New Holland® and more.

Your Digging Tools Must Have Excavator Teeth

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